Jen Yau has more than 20 years of experience in the production of EVA foam mats. We are the largest manufacturer of EVA foam mats in this industry.

All series of our products use smell-free formula. It is the top-grade formula for manufacturing and customers.

Jen Yau has been leading marketing trends and always be ready to overcome any difficulties the industry may face. Jen Yau invested in innovative equipment to improve the quality of EVA foam products.

The new investment leads us to provide the BIGGEST EVA foam mat
in the world. The 9 feet x 9 feet is our biggest and the world’s biggest EVA foam mat. Jen Yau also owns patents in over 30 countries. It is no worry to cooperate with us.

Having the largest machines and the most professional manufacturing techniques, we are able to provide high quality products all the time.

With large machines and modern production techniques, we can produce mats efficiently and reduce our defect rates. Therefore, we always offer competitive prices.